Letter to the Editor

Opposition to King

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Two peas in a pod," is the way my wife described Steve King and Todd Akins. They both claim what they said was not what they meant and King said critics twisted the words.

Just a few weeks ago, King commented that you can rape a girl in Iowa, take her across the state line for an abortion and that was not illegal. He also indicated that he supports dog fighting, cock fighting, etc. and would legalize them. He claimed he was joking. How funny is that?

Akins would prefer to have a female carry her rapist's baby to term, enduring morning sickness, labor and all the other difficulties of pregnancy and not have another choice. He also said a woman can control if she gets pregnant or not. Does that mean if a female is raped she can just say "I do not wish to get pregnant" and therefore will not?" How funny is that?

"Two peas in a pod," indeed! Eighty-eight percent of Americans state that Congress is not doing its job. Many ask, "Why do we keep electing them?" My wife and I believe that both of these men deserve to be removed from office in November and we hope our district votes out King.

Jim Houchins

Arnolds Park