Letter to the Editor

Views on wind power

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

U.S. taxpayers have subsidized wind power for 20 years. Today, it generates approximately 2 percent of America's power needs. Coal produces 50 percent of our energy needs nationwide. Cost of coal power is way below the true cost of wind power.

The Obama Administration is doing everything possible to destroy the coal industry and the many jobs it creates. Also, oil is on Obama's hit list.

He told us three years ago that gasoline should be $5-$6 per gallon. It was approximately $1.80 when he was elected and now on its way to $4 or more.

We can expect it to go higher if he is re-elected. Please keep in mind that MidAmerican Energy, which is a major owner of wind energy, owns a railroad that moves oil products and other items. Obama's payback to Buffett is support for wind power funding and help to block the Keystone Pipeline project.

Taxpayers are subsidizing wind power and paying more for fuel because of this connection. We should remember this when we vote in November.

San Navrude

Dakota Dunes, S.D.