Letter to the Editor

Karl Rove

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Karl Rove, former advisor to George W. Bush is using casino owners, Koch brothers, and other billionaire money to restructure our government. The Tea Party and A.L.E.C. (which formed legislation such as "stand your ground" and voter registration aimed at keeping blacks and Latinos from voting) are financed by this group. Adelson, a Las Vegas casino owner sponsored Newt Gingrich and now Mitt Romney because of their ardent support of Israel. Wynn, a casino owner, is fighting government regulations. The big gamble is to defeat Obamacare and reshape American politics.

It is an ego trip for Rove, who has an IQ off the charts. His acts of deception started early in the 70s when he used a fake identity to steal 1,000 letter heads of Democrat Alan Dixon to print a false campaign flyer. He was known as Bush's brains. Rove engineered the last election that brought in the Tea Party with the help of Koch brother's financing.

Rove has a billion dollar bet that his ads can defeat Obama. He has a fantastic track record; getting Bush elected as Governor and as President. His magic worked in the Wisconsin recall as he outspent the Democrats 8 to 1. His ads were subtle but effective. One said, "Let the man finish the job he was elected for." The "swift boat" ad down playing Kerry's military experience was false but it defeated Kerry. Rove's morality is that it does not have to be true, just effective.

Will his genius help Steve King defeat affordable health care, allow banks to operate like casinos and change the government giving control to corporations? If he wins his billion dollar bet the 99 percent lose. Rove almost went to prison for helping expose a lady secret service agent. He eliminated Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman from the race. He is more powerful than Grover Norquis who controls the Republican house and a possible Republican President with their no new taxes pledge. The money is there and the stakes are high.

Ray Miller

Spirit Lake