Letter to the Editor

Recorder's Office proposal

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

John Adams Sr. and Denny Perry sit on different sides of the aisle on most issues, but after reading Mardi Allen's letter to the editor, we find we agree that the residents of Dickinson County deserve to keep the excellent service from the recorder's office in the Dickinson County Courthouse.

Ms. Allen says she wants the elimination of the office on the ballot for residents to decide, but fails to give any factual information that supports her position. Her estimates fail to include the added workload that staff members in the auditor's office and treasurer's office will be exposed to.

In her proposal, the auditor and the treasurer's salary will be increased, but our question is who will continue to do the work? The two deputy recorders and the one clerk are overburdened now with the retirement (after 21 years) of Jan Bortscheller. Would there also be a need for a deputy recorder (extra pay) to supervise the workload distribution? Who will really provide the excellent service the residents of Dickinson County have received for these past 21 years?

Ms. Allen's proposed change drew support prior to her sharing her information with the board of supervisors last Tuesday morning. Many people may have thought this idea of consolidation was coming from the board of supervisors -- Ms. Allen found out Tuesday morning that assumption was false. Three of the five supervisors were not supportive of this change at this point in time.

If the question were placed on the ballot in November and passed, the individuals running for the Office of County Recorder would discover if they win the election, there is no office! We usually encourage people to become involved in the political process, but Ms. Allen's method of handling this vacancy is a definite discouragement for anyone wanting to serve in this office.

Ms. Allen's petition needs more information with it. She says two counties have consolidated offices. That means 97 counties have not seen fit to disrupt the service of the recorder's office in their counties. Please wait for better information about this issue before you sign a petition that may or may not be good for the residents of Dickinson County


John Adams, Sr., Arnolds Park and Denny L. Perry, Spirit Lake