Letter to the Editor

In support of Smith

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The following letter is in support of Representative Jeff Smith.

Representative Smith and I both entered the Iowa House as a result of the 2010 election. Not only did we enter the legislature together, but we also share an apartment in Waukee.

During the course of these two years, I have had the opportunity to watch Representative Smith as a legislator and got to know Jeff Smith the person. On both levels, Representative Smith is a class act.

There are many evenings where Representative Smith and I sit in the apartment and visit about the daily happenings in the House chamber or discuss upcoming legislation. During these conversations, Representative Smith is always considering the impact legislation has on his district. Representative Smith also does a great job with constituency work as I give him a hard time about being on the phone all the time talking to people back home about legislative issues. Representative Smith has also done a great job of relationship building. Those relationships are valuable when addressing constituency issues.

Those relationships do not get created overnight and take time to build. That time spent creating relationships and learning the system is why it is so critical for the voters of District 1 to elect an experienced leader.

I think any district in the state of Iowa would be fortunate to have a legislator of Representative Smith's integrity and intelligence. I encourage you to attend the primary on June 5 and vote Smith.


Josh Byrnes

H.D. 14 State Representative