Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thanks for your support of our food drive. Spirit Lake carriers, like many others across the nation, will collect non-perishable food donations along their mail routes on Saturday, May 12, to help stock our local food pantry located at the Great Lakes Mall.

Now more than ever, we need to realize that we need to take care of our own. Carriers pitch in to help feed the hungry on this day. Be it from troop families, from downsizing, or being laid off -- the hungry need us on this day. As Americans, we should think about the feeling of pride in helping our fellow Americans who are down, that they can count on us to help.

This national food drive is the largest one day collection of food in the nation. All local food collected goes to residents in Dickinson County.

All residents are being asked to place non-perishable food by their mailbox before your carrier arrives. Many employees donate their time on this day and feel it's well worth it -- knowing their efforts will help feed families in need. Residents are encouraged to take food to the rear of the post office if they're going to be in the area. If out of town on Saturday, food may be dropped off earlier during week.

This is the 20th annual food drive, and the 14th year we have collected food locally. This year's drive will involve more than 10,000 cities and towns, covered by over 1,500 participating NALC branches. This year's drive hopes to surpass the 70 million total of a year ago, 1 billion total collected.

Campbell Soup Co. and the USPS are major supporters again in 2012. Watch for your postcard being mailed to homes. The drive also relies on the backing of the National Rural Letter Carriers Association; America's Second Harvest, the nations food bank network; The United Way of America and its local United Ways, the AFL-CIO Community Services network, and countless local sponsors.

Thank you for supporting the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive on May 12. We enjoy one of the highest living standards in the world. Nevertheless, many people within our borders do not benefit from our nations great prosperity.

Remember, you make the difference -- let's make our community as strong as it can be.


Ken Henderson, President

Branch 3463, Spirit Lake