Letter to the Editor

Seeking some compassion

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've always been proud to say I grew up in northwest Iowa. Even though I no longer live there, I'm always quick to talk about how nice the people are and what a great place it was to grow up. For the holiday's this year, my wife and I flew home to visit family. During our stay at my parent's house, my mother let us borrow her car to drive up to Spirit Lake to visit our baby niece. And during our visit to Spirit Lake, I was appalled at how mean spirited some people can be, especially during the holidays.

While staying at my brother and sister-in-law's house, my mother's car was parked under a street light in front of their house. Her car is a black SUV with personalized University of Iowa plates and an "In Memory of" bumper sticker, both a tribute to my mother's son that she lost to cancer just a little over a year ago. I can only assume the individual(s) I am speaking of would have read this as they pulled up behind her vehicle. These individual(s) then proceeded to slowly drive by digging their key into the entire side of my mother's car. Not only is my mother one of the nicest women you'll ever meet, this was also the first new car she has ever had the opportunity to call her own.

It really makes me sad to know someone can have such little compassion to do something like this, especially in northwest Iowa. I am writing this to reach out to the community in hopes someone may be compelled to come forward with any information they may have witnessed or overheard that can help identify the individual(s) who did this. It happened on the 3700 block of Jackson Avenue in Spirit Lake on the night of Wednesday, Dec. 28 or the earlier morning hours of Thursday, Dec. 29. If you do know anything please take the time to reach out to the Spirit Lake Police Department.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Michael Pruin