Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How do you think our country is doing these days? It seems that after watching the news or listening to the radio, I find myself amongst other fellow citizens who are very unhappy with what is happening. We commiserate with one another but what do we do? I have made a decision that it is time to take a stand while there is still time.

I recently received a letter from our Senator Tom Harkin. In it, he states that we are suffering from the Great Recession and millions of Americans are being affected. It says that we haven't had these kinds of conditions since the 1930s. But he is also excited to report that he supported the President's proposed Jobs Plan because it would create jobs and put money in people's pockets. He then lists all the reasons that he is for it.

1. It will prevent layoffs of 280,000 teachers plus support the hiring of tens of thousands more. A consulting firm that he quotes estimates that it will create over a million more jobs.

2. Provide money to repair, renovate or upgrade at least 35,000 schools and community colleges.

3. Invest in maintaining and upgrading roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure.

4. Extend long-term unemployment insurance.

As we all know, the Senate minority voted to block this plan and Senator Harkin is very disappointed, but he says that the fight is not over. in the coming weeks, there will be additional votes on individual parts of the plan. In other words, just because the representatives of the people voted "no," we will bring it back until we get what we want. The Jobs Plan proposal would cost us Americans $447 billion. The TraceReform.org calls this "Putting a coat of paint on the ship while the whole ship is taking on water!" If you want a real eye-opener, go to google and click on USdebtclock.org and watch as the debt clock ticks off our nation's ever-growing debt. While I was watching it on Nov. 4, it was almost $15 trillion and the ever mounting interest was reaching 3.5 trillion. Now, that amounts to $47,839 per citizen -- not per family, but per person -- and the interest is $11,828 per citizen. What kind of monster are we creating? This plan would primarily be funded through raising taxes including those on businesses by nearly half a trillion dollars.

I would also pose the question, what have we improved thus far by pouring more and more money into the program or a government entity? Have you seen any business that the government runs as being cost effective? It does not have to be, because you and I continue to pour our ever benevolent tax money into it to keep it up and running. Our National Government is a perfect example -- we have to borrow money to keep in running! Something just isn't right there folks is it? how long would we be able to run our own households or our business in that manner? The waste is mind-boggling. We have all heard the horror stories of it. The last one I heard was the Justice Department paying $16 for a muffin -- I wonder what the cup of coffee cost? That is just one tiny example. I do not care what political affiliation you claim -- this is your money and mine that is being spent.

I would like to propose that our economy could improve so much more by doing some things that would not cost much money. The biggest move we could make would be to get the government out of every little detail of our lives! I think that Roy Blunt's Jobs Plan for Missouri has some great points:

* Cut spending and reduce the size of government

* Establish certainty and confidence in the nation's marketplace

* Promote American energy

* Expand U.S. exports

* Pursue creative new policies to protect small businesses to promote growth.

Something does need to be done and with this, I agree, but do you want to spend another $10 billion? I for one sure do not. If you agree, keep your eyes on all the new "little parcels" that will be popping up for vote and Please Let Your Representatives Know! Don't forget that the reason they are our representatives is because they are supposed to represent us!


Judy Valen

Spirit Lake