Letter to the Editor

Thoughts from Central Lyon

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes, I was at the ball game, and yes, I was very impressed with the Spirit Lake team. They were every bit as good as one of my former students, Matt Sieperda, told me they were. They weren't overly big, but they were even more fleet of foot than I thought they would be.

They also had a versatile attack which almost always wins out over predictability. The Lions are many things, but one of them is definitely predictable. I don't mean that as a slam. It is a fact observed by me during the 52 years I have lived in Rock Rapids.

I honestly believe that Spirit Lake can and hopefully will go all the way this year. They are exciting to watch and can strike from long distance at any time.

Two or three additions from the Okoboji team of last year have helped Spirit Lake considerably.

How or when they were recruited makes no difference to me. The fact is that they are now playing for a team that appears to have all the elements needed to compete at the state level. All that can keep them from doing that is if their head gets out of proportion with the rest of their body. I hope and pray they will not let that happen. Take it one game at a time and all things are possible.


Ken Barker

Rock Rapids