Letter to the Editor

Gratitude from Red Cross

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Congratulations to the great people of Milford for their overwhelming response to the recent American Red Cross blood drives in your community. The number of people coming to donate blood far exceeded what the Red Cross was prepared to see and many of you had to wait a long time, even though you had made appointments.

Please be assured, those of us planning the blood drive don't want to make anyone wait an extended period of time. We encourage people to make appointments, so we want to be able to honor those appointment times. Kudos to Lois Eckard and Kathy Hesseltine for doing such a good job of scheduling people to donate blood and save lives!

The next blood drive in Milford will be on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at the Community Center. Plans are already under way to set up a system to eliminate the long waits for donors. Our Red Cross team will be prepared to provide great service to all donors. That means more staff and equipment and shorter wait times. We will also plan our appointment schedule to accommodate more walk-ins. (Yes, you are important donors, too!)

Appointments will be honored at the November blood drive and we hope people will continue to make appointments.

The community's tremendous support of the American Red Cross blood drives in Milford has made it possible to help as many as 828 people who have needed blood. That is something to take great pride in.

Please continue to help Americans who need blood by donating regularly at the American Red Cross blood drives in Milford. The more you give, the more you get back.


Judy Baier

Donor Recruitment Representative