Letter to the Editor

Trash and recycling

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I do not recycle paper because of the open trailer. When the wind blows, there is paper up and down the street. Plastic is recycled on the street in open tubs. When it's windy there is plastic all over the streets. The wind is predominantly from the southeast. From all the new houses in the south end of town, plastic blows over to the trail. In the spring when the snow melts, there are hundreds of bottles everywhere.

This is polluting not recycling. I save all my plastic and cans. I wash the cans in my dishwasher. It takes time and effort. Then I bring them up to the recycle bins. I left several boxes of old books by the curb. Someone had taken them from the dumpster behind the exhibition building and given them to me (I sell books). The ones I set out were water damaged, moldy and not recyclable. They were rained on for weeks before they finally picked them up. I cleaned out the trunk of my car and filled a box, old seat cover, car parts, oil bottle, shoes, etc. The garbage men would not pick it up. They wanted it in a clear green bag. The purpose of the clear green bags is to look for Clorox bottles, etc., from meth production. Obviously there is none of that in my junk box. I went to city hall and talked to them about the situation. I said "pick up that box or I will no longer recycle." They didn't pick it up. I will no longer recycle.

Maverick Hix

Spirit Lake