Letter to the Editor

What a community!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a community! To those who donated money, school supplies and/or their time so that Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc. could once again provide school supplies and $150 in new school clothing to area children, we thank you so very much. And the children and families thank you. We wish you could hear some of the thank yous we get ... like the parent who thanked us with misty eyes. That family learned about the program when coming to our office for food because hours had been cut at work.

It takes quite a bit to organize a night that allows 150 kids to shop, and Lon Noble at Bomgaars and his crew just get better at it each year. Once again KUOO was so willing to give the program a voice and did such a fabulous job publicizing the need. Kudos to Priority One for having their red wagon at Wal-Mart for school supply donations. And I just wish everyone could know how much time, effort and care the staff and volunteers put into this event so that so many kids can benefit. What a community!

Laurie Ruf

Center Director