Letter to the Editor

Storm reflections

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It is early, July 18, 2010, morning after the biggest storm we have ever seen at Okoboji, I'm in the backyard of our Haywards Bay, West Okoboji home ... and as I pulled very hard at moving the big tree branches on our lawn in our backyard, and did other cleanup, I heard quietly ... "Did I remind you of my powerfulness last evening? I love you a lot ... it bothers me when you don't think about me a lot each day, and talk to ME a lot."

God was talking to me in my backyard in the middle of all the downed branches and leaves and mess, and HE was reminding me of his big power ... I knew it was God ... God was talking to me quietly about the big storms which he puts into my life, and your life.

The quiet voice went on ... "Did I surprise you last evening? Shall I remind you again of the much bigger surprise which is coming? I have told you before, Peter, about that much bigger surprise ... when this world will be all finished and you and everyone will look up and see me on the clouds coming down to take you up to heaven with me; that is, if you worked hard at making me the most important person in your life. And you understand, Peter that your wealth, your things, your Okoboji home, all the stuff down there will disappear for good?"

And he kept speaking... "Peter, do you want more JOY in your life?" Here's how ...

J- Jesus FIRST

O- Others SECOND

Y- Yourself THIRD

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One week has arrived passed, it is Sunday morning, July 25, 2010. O God, I'm understanding with time more why the big storm last week ... You sent the storm to remind me of you!

And since you reminded me again of how I can have more JOY in my life by putting others ahead of myself ... To all of you who have worked so hard and so many hours in the past week to get Okoboji to look so beautiful again ... Thanks, thanks, thanks.

And Lord, praise your name for no deaths or injuries in the big Okoboji storm!

And God, I am guessing and hoping that heaven will have parts that will look just like Okoboji, parts which will remind me and us of our undeserved privileged to have lived in Okoboji and enjoyed Okoboji.

As we continue, Lord, to think about that big storm of last Saturday ... we understand why you put all kinds of big storms in our lives ... weather storms, cancer storms, death storms, and many other hard storms ... you're reminding me and all of us of the quick 60-80 years we live down here. And you are reminding us of the non-importance of all our stuff. And reminding us of the eternal importance of getting ready for Heaven by doing down here what you tell us in your book, The Bible . And you're reminding all of us of the life after this life which will last TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF YEARS -- NEVER-ENDING.

God, thank you for talking to us through the storms you put in our lives!!!

Peter and Betsy De Yager

Haywards Bay- Okoboji, Iowa , and

Hull, Iowa