Letter to the Editor

Nominations for outstanding SL educators due

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The community of Spirit Lake has long stood proudly behind the schools and the quality of education provided here. Some of us have passed through those hallways ourselves, and have experienced the effect of the education received and its resulting affect on the quality of life that we have experienced. Some of us have watched our children as they benefited from the education received in the Spirit Lake Community Schools. Those with children in school today will see the quality as their children grow into adulthood. Still others may just be friends of education and wish to honor a quality educator that they have known as a part of the school.

Many of us look back and fondly remember a teacher, an administrator, a coach, a janitor, a special volunteer, or other educator who touched our lives and made a difference in the person we have become. If that educator was a part of the Spirit Lake Schools, this is your opportunity to say "thank you for a job well done" to that special person by nominating him or her for the Spirit Lake Education Hall of Achievement.

The Spirit Lake Education Hall of Achievement is seeking nominations for those special educators in your life. Full information about the qualifications, selection criteria, nomination process, and selection process are available on the Spirit Lake Community School Web site at http://www.spirit-lake.k12.ia.us/sleha or by contacting Barbara Mendenhall at (712) 332-2900. Nominations are due by April 15, 2010.

This is your opportunity to "pay back" an educator who made a difference in your life by saying thank you in a special way. In the process, you will also have the opportunity to "pay it forward" for those who will benefit from the high quality of education provided by Spirit Lake Community Schools for years to come.

Educationally yours,

Barbara Mendenhall