Letter to the Editor

PPEL: The students speak

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When asked how the 1:1 initiative would affect their education, the Spirit Lake 8th graders responded with much excitement and enthusiasm. Here is what a few of them had to say about the many opportunities that new technology from the PPEL would provide for them...

"If we aren't trained to cope with the future technology it will be harder for us to make a difference ... information on computers is so up to date, it makes textbooks look like [they're] from the 50s. When we go to do our reports, the most recent information is right there."

- Joya Salzkorn

"There would be no one left out (like there is sometimes in the computer labs). The positives would be that it would show us new ways to learn and maybe more ways to study. In our science books there are places on the internet to go to if you need extra help."

Courtney Pavelko

"When I came to Spirit Lake a year ago I was bummed that they had PCs. I am glad that they chose Macs, you won't regret it ... I would love to do my assignments on a computer, a main reason being that I can type faster than I can write. I think that using the laptops now will prepare us for college in the future. It will give us good experiences that we may use in our job one day."

- David Trucksess

"Some of us do not have a computer at home. Our education variety would be expanded so much more than it is. There is a lot of education Web sites and programs we could use ... Also think if a student couldn't be at school or was sick we could use webcams to have them view the classes."

- Zoe Trosin

"We would use less paper and become a more green school, and we will become fit for the world ahead of us ... We would attract more people to the school and get more kids..."

- Tanner Kroon

"I believe that the Mac project could change the way students look at school...With the use of Macs we could potentially do more student teaching..."

- Dondi Schmidt

"My education would change dramatically by learning how to research on the Internet because I believe that in our future there will be no textbooks and everything will revolve around technology. I would love to be able to research about anything without having to bring your bulging textbook with you every day ... I don't think that there will be nearly as many late assignments."

- Jacob Jenness

"I would be able to access information whenever and wherever I needed to. I would no longer need to carry home three textbooks every night and binders would be unnecessary ... I must share one computer with my mom, dad and two brothers. I very often cannot go on the computer because my brother is over doing his 4th grade state brochure..."

- Hannah Sudbrink

"I think our education would change in a positive way because we would be way more technology smart and it's a faster and easier way to get information. Having a laptop ... teaches us responsibility because we need to take care of it."

- Carter Hassel

"In my opinion [it] would help to improve organization of our lockers and our assignments could be kept in one place instead of in five or more different binders and folders...I think this program could help bring more clubs and activities to our school ... I would love to be involved with this program just like so many other students would."

- Corri Vander Woude

"Any questions we had could be answered in seconds ... We could have the entire world's history just inside a tiny computer screen ... We could be ahead in our time, our knowledge would be very likely to increase and we would be the better, smarter generation. All those books are limited in their time! The Internet is updated every second! A new world of technology is unfolding around us, and it would be foolish not to grasp this information while we can."

- Megan Johnson

For the sake of these 8th graders and all other students in Spirit Lake Schools, vote "YES" on February 2nd!

Submitted by Julie Currell-Smith on behalf of Spirit Lake Middle School Parents in Education (P.I.E.)