Letter to the Editor

A 'Willy' poem

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recently I received a "Willy" poem from my cousin Joyce. The poem was written by her sister Vera. Vera wrote many of these and this one goes like this:

Willy believed in a strange old religion

He thought his god was a brown and white pigeon

He heard a voice "Come fly with me"

So he flapped his arms and fell into the sea.

I can't help but think there is a "clear" parallel to Obama's ridiculous rhetoric. Do you suppose Obama might be a brother of Willy and others or Obama's cohorts might all be in the family of Willy's pigeon? Well, dear readers, if this scenario were true, it would make quite a few things "clear," wouldn't it? Perhaps Obama's whole flock is listening to Willy's pigeon. It's certain they are not listening to freedom-loving patriots of our country. It is evident they're not listening to our God and Creator. Certainly our God would not lead us to sink in the sea of destruction.

There's a lot of flapping lips in Washington these days. Obama's being smoothly oiled for his voice to be heard. He says he wants to make things clear? What is Webster's definition of "clear" - unclouded, clean, free from blotch, blemish or muddiness; distinct and plain; to see distinctly; free from guile; free from burden and obstruction; transparent. Now then, the American College Dictionary says much the same including easily seen, heard and understood; free from confusion and doubt. And the list goes on. I don't believe we need any discussion of the word "clear" over a beer.

I thank you, my beloved cousin Vera, there where you are

One of your Willy poems has traveled far.

We know your poems were humor intended

But perhaps now we should on words be more dependent.

So dear readers, don't be fooled by a spotted old pigeon that perhaps is even now long past dead.

Melva Urban