Letter to the Editor

Blood drive thanks

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wow! What a terrific response to our Red Cross Blood Mobile Drive in Milford, Lake Park and Spirit Lake in October. Because you took the time to come and donate a unit of blood, someone, somewhere will receive another birthday or anniversary, another laugh, another hug or another chance. (If you were deferred this time, increase your iron intake, drink plenty of liquids and try again next time!)

We would like to recognize the following for their dedication to donate blood and earn milestone pins: Kedric Wunder, 12 gallons; Jolynn Harms and Doug Stueven, 9 gallons; Karla Brinkman, 8 gallons: Vince Elser and Jeff Saxton, 3 gallons; and Jessica Sunder, one gallon. In August, we omitted Ron Robinson who earned his 8 gallon pin. Congratulations to all you guys and gals. What a tremendous honor. Another special thank you goes out to Alex Waltz who chose to celebrate his 16th birthday by donation of his first unit of blood. Way to go Alex.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who were willing to make another successful drive again on behalf of the American Red Cross. Thank you. We love you.

Kathy Hesseltine, Milford

Betty Goodell, Lake Park

Bob Sneitzer and Vernice Wahl, Spirit Lake