Letter to the Editor

Put Christ back in Christianity

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Were Christ to return today would we find him doing his ministry at church breakfast, suppers, social affairs, services or Sunday schools? Or would we most likely find him among the homeless, the beggars, prisoners, a rehab center, a bar or a jail as was documented by the Gospels during his short time on earth?

Would He cross the street to avoid a beggar or a socially challenged person or condemn a person who is not financially a success and must rely on others for support?

Take some time each day or week to reach out to someone in need. Do not be intimidated by what your friends or neighbors say as to who you can associate with. Just reach out and make someone feel important because you came. Don't look for a thank you.

If you cannot physically reach out, then financially support the local programs at Discovery House and Cherish Center. Dickinson County residents are to be commended for the support given to those injured or have life threatening illnesses. Let's put Christ back in to Christianity.

J. Roger Carr

Spirit Lake