Letter to the Editor

New hunting requirements

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anyone in the state wanting a license or permit for anything has to prove they are qualified to have one. This is done by making them take a test or in some cases, multiple tests. Everyone, that is, except hunters. The only requirement the DNR has to get a hunting license is the ability to pay for one. I would like to see the DNR's policy of "ask no questions" changed by the implementation of the following four things before issuing a hunting license:

* Insure no convicted felons obtain licenses,

* A picture ID test to see if they can differentiate between game and non-game animals such as cows, horses, dogs, etc.

* Require taking the 500-question M.M.P.I. text. If they fail, they must seek psychiatric help.

* Drug and alcohol screening.

Why should the people living in rural Iowa have to put up with alcoholics, drug addicts and nut cases running around with loaded weapons killing anything that moves? These four things should at least week out the killers of family pets and farm animals.

Merle Wilson