Missing C-Span 2

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Without notice Mediacom has removed C-Span 2 from our normal (analog) cable reception. C-Span 2 was one of best public interest channels we had on our cable system. Maybe you haven't noticed that C-Span 2 was eliminated or thought that C-Span 2 was just moved to a higher channel number? The removal was made without informing Mediacom subscribers that C-Span 2 was being dropped from the normal cable lineup.

C-Span 2 was on channel 14 and now that channel is blank, so they didn't need channel 14 for some other channel. Mediacom says we can receive C-Span 2 if we purchase their digital tuner. A digital tuner costs $2 per month for each TV and VCR and requires another remote to change channels. I believe Mediacom's intention is to move more valuable channels into the digital block, so that we would have to purchase their more expensive digital cable TV service.

If you agree C-Span 2 is a valuable channel that should not be removed from our normal cable reception, please call Mediacom at 888/ 847-6228, use website www.mediacomcc.com/contact_us.php for an e-mail, or write Mediacom to express your dissatisfaction.

Phil Petersen