Voters elect mayors, councilmembers

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dickinson County voters went to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to cast votes for all 10 mayors and a full lineup of city council members.

Lake Park reelects mayor, two incumbents

In one of the most heated races in the county, Lake Park voters reelected their mayor and two of the city's incumbent council members. For mayor, John Engel received 236 votes to Ken Fiala's 126 votes. For city council, Lance Heikens, Richard Packebush and Clark Reekers were elected to serve with 221, 260 and 207 votes, respectively. Other candidates were Keith Nitzschke (99 votes), Gary Taber (124 votes) and Gilbert Zahren (175 votes).

Milford contest comes down to one vote

If you thought you're vote wouldn't make a difference, think again. It took just one vote to secure Michael Anderson's reelection to Milford's City Council on Tuesday. Anderson, Keith Feller and Christopher Hinshaw were elected to Milford's council with 136, 162 and 162 votes, respectively. Milford's current mayor Virgil Wahlman received 135 votes for council. For the mayor's seat, Don Lamb ran unopposed, receiving 197 votes.

Okoboji residents reelect VanderWoude

Okoboji mayor Mary VanderWoude was reelected with 147 votes in the City of Okoboji. Neal Christensen (125 votes), Susan Larsen (110 votes) and Jerry Robinson (122 votes) were elected to the city council. Candidate Steve Dulin received 54 votes. James Hentges (129 votes) was elected to fill a vacancy.

Orleans elects mayor on write in vote

Carlton Mitchell was chosen as Orleans' mayor with 34 write-in votes. Council members elected were Eric Anderson (46 votes), Keith Ostrum (57 votes) and Benjamin Radcliffe (54 votes).

Terril reelects Fairchild

Terril's incumbent mayor Tim Fairchild retained his seat with 91 votes on Tuesday. Mayoral opponent Scot Matthews received 20 votes. Incumbents Elwin Clark (67 votes) and Jeri Nissen (101 votes) were reelected to the city council. Council candidate Kent Heazlett received 46 votes.

Wahpeton reelects incumbents

In Wahpeton, Frank Joenks received 68 votes and was reelected as the city's mayor. Wayne P. Johnson (50 votes), James W. Keck (60 votes) and Thomas Rierson (55 votes) were elected to council. Council candidate Ron Newgard had 32 votes. Phillip A. Johnson was elected to fill a vacancy with 56 votes.

Incumbents retain seats in Arnolds Park, Spirit Lake, Superior, West Okoboji

In Arnolds Park, incumbent mayor Michael D. Mitchell (36 votes) and incumbent councilmembers Mike Koppert (35 votes) and Mitch Watters (29 votes) were reelected.

Spirit Lake's incumbent mayor Blain Andera and councilmembers Steve Balm (83 votes) and Clyde Ihrke (79 votes) were also reelected.

In Superior, Everett E. Houge received 13 votes to continue as mayor. Incumbent council members Kirk Gates, Colt Hample and Ben Hawn took 11, 9 and 9 votes, respectively.

West Okoboji's mayor Larry Traughber got 27 votes to retain his seat, and councilmembers Mike Paxton and Paul Sieh each received 25 votes to retain their city council positions.

Election results are unofficial and are not finalized until canvas at the Dickinson County Supervisors meeting.

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