Letter to the Editor

Senior Health Expo thanks

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Dickinson and Clay counties for supporting the Senior Health Expo on Oct. 3 at the Senior Center in Spirit Lake. The event was a success due to the cooperation of many people.

We would like to thank the speakers who shared their expertise during the breakout sessions, including Sandy Richardson of Northwest Aging Association, Tammy Noble at Iowa Statewide Poison Control and David Stein from Stein Law Office.

Additionally we were grateful for donations from the following individuals and businesses: Bruce Keenan and Dan Dreeszen with the Dickinson County Cattleman, Todd Hummel with Pioneer Seeds, Heather Kruse and Lewis Family Drug, Dickinson County Senior Center, Dickco Cable, Buy-Rite, Walmart, Dickinson County Fairgrounds, Perkins and A-1 Water Specialists. Also, our thanks to Nick Rice, Bob Clark, Kyle Mohni, Ava Robinson, Blaine Hirt, Dorothy Hirt, Donna Day-Templin and Mavis Bonstetter for volunteering their time on the day of the event. We appreciate the articles and press releases published by the Lakes News Shopper and the Dickinson County News.

Finally a huge thank you needs to go to all of the people who spent a year taking the expo from an idea to reality: Ernie Cupp, Julie Johnson, Linda McQuenen, Kara Rice, Liz Lorch, Jackie Brevik, Micki Kohrost, Rita Thompson, Kolette Delperdang, Jessie Paskert, Sue Hyde, Chad Breidenbach, Kelly Schultz, Kathleen Biittner and Terry Jo Hunt.

Thanks so much! Most sincerely,

Lisa Roti

Chairperson, Senior Health Expo Committee