Ballots set for city election

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
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With the Sept. 17 filing deadline past, the ballots are now set for Dickinson County's city elections. Voting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3.

All area mayors are up for election in 2009, and they run for two-year terms. Each city council also has either two or three council seats up for election as well this year.

Contested races

Lake Park features one of the most contested races in the Lakes area. Incumbent John L. Engel faces Ken Fiala for the city's mayoral seat. Three council positions are open with six candidates hoping for seats. Incumbents Lance E. Heikens, Richard Packebush and Gary Taber take on Keith Nitzschke, Clark D. Reekers and Gilbert Zahren.

In Milford, current councilmember Don Lamb has filed for the mayor position. Four candidates battle for three open council seats. Council candidates include incumbent Michael Anderson, incumbent Keith Feller, Christopher Hinshaw and the city's current mayor Virgil Wahlman. The Milford ballot also contains a spot for a park board commissioner, but no candidate has filed for that position.

Okoboji mayor Mary VanderWoude was the only candidate to file papers for the city's mayor seat. Four candidates have filed to run for three spots on the city council: Neal Christensen, Steve Dulin, incumbent Susan T. Larsen, and incumbent Jerry Robinson. Incumbent James Hentges has filed to fill a vacancy on the council.

In Orleans, the mayor position will likely be filled by a write in candidate, with no one filing nomination papers for the job. Three have filed to fill positions on the council: Eric L. Anderson, incumbent Keith Ostrum, and incumbent Benjamin Radcliffe.

Terril's incumbent mayor Tim Fairchild faces competition from Scot Matthews, and three candidates have filed for two open council seats: incumbent Elwin Clark, Kent Keazlett and incumbent Jeri L. Nissen.

In Wahpeton, Frank Joenks is the incumbent and the city's only candidate for mayor. Four have filed to fill three open council positions: incumbent Wayne P. Johnson, incumbent James W. Keck, Ron Newgard and incumbent Thomas Rierson. Incumbent Phillip A. Johnson has filed to fill a vacancy on the council.

Races with no contest

In Arnolds Park, incumbent mayor Michael D. Mitchell and incumbent councilmembers Mike Koppert and Mitch Watters are running for office.

Spirit Lake's ballot will also be filled with only incumbents seeking reelection, with mayor Blain R. Andera and councilmembers Steve Balm and Clyde Ihrke filing papers.

In Superior, Everett E. Houge is again running for mayor, and three candidates have filed for three council positions: incumbent Kirk Gates, Colt Hample and Ben Hawn.

West Okoboji's mayor Larry Traughber and councilmembers Mike Paxton and Paul Sieh also run in an uncontested race to keep their positions.

City Elections 2009

Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3

* denotes incumbents

Arnolds Park

For mayor: Michael D. Mitchell*

For city council (2 open seats): Mike Koppert*, Mitch Watters*

Lake Park

For mayor: John L. Engel*, Ken Fiala

For city council (3 open seats): Lance E. Heikens*, Keith Nitzschke, Richard Packebush*, Clark D. Reekers, Gary Taber*, Gilbert Zahren


For mayor: Don Lamb

For city council (3 open seats): Michael Anderson*, Keith Feller*, Christopher Hinshaw, Virgil L. Wahlman

For Park Board Commissioner: No candidate filed


For mayor: Mary VanderWoude*

For city council (3 open seats): Neal Christensen, Steve Dulin, Susan T. Larsen*, Jerry Robinson*

Councilmember to fill vacancy: James Hentges*


For mayor: No candidate filed

For city council (3 open seats): Eric L. Anderson, Keith Ostrum*, Benjamin H. Radcliffe*

Spirit Lake

For mayor: Blain R. Andera*

For city council (2 open seats): Steve Balm*, Clyde Ihrke*


For mayor: Everett E. Houge*

For city council (3 open seats): Kirk Gates*, Colt Hample, Ben Hawn*


For mayor: Tim Fairchild*, Scot Matthews

For city council (2 open seats): Elwin Clark*, Kent Heazlett, Jeri L. Nissen*


For mayor: Frank Joenks*

For city council (3 open seats): Wayne P. Johnson*, James W. Keck*, Ron Newgard, Thomas Rierson*

Councilmember to fill vacancy: Phillip A. Johnson*

West Okoboji

For mayor: Larry Traughber*

For city council (2 open seats): Mike Paxton*, Paul Sieh*

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