Letter to the Editor

LaFoy column?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I buy your paper every week I am at the Lakes, and that is almost every weekend during the summer. I enjoy the paper very much. It is well written, varied and many times thought provoking.

One thing, however, I have missed lately. Mr. LaFoy used to appear on a weekly basis, but now he is only to be read once a month. I am curious as to why that has happened. Have he and his wife been on vacation? Has he been ill?

Perhaps it is none of my business, but I am curious. I - being a member of the "over the hill gang" - really enjoy his descriptive and interesting ventures into the past.

All I seek is an explanation. I am curious and disappointed that I can't enjoy Mr. LaFoy's offerings on a more regular basis.


Kenneth Barker

Rock Rapids

Editor's note: Aubrey LaFoy's column appears monthly during the first week of each month in the Dickinson County News. As a cost-cutting measure, the column was cut from weekly to monthly in January 2009.