Letter to the Editor

Save the Park ... for the disabled too

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last week, my granddaughter and I went to dinner at Maxwell's down by the state pier. She drove me down to the entrance, and then she parked the car. Afterwards she picked me up. At the time I saw a new gate on Lake Street.

The next day, I read in the Lakes News Shopper that the gate will be closed when the amusement park is open. I am ANGRY! The Arnolds Park I love will be closed to me because I don't walk well. I understand that the gate should be closed during special performances, but not every day.

I have watched the Park change over many years, be sold and developers try to take it away from the public. I worked to "Save the Park." They put my name on a brick at the state pier. I buy a season pass to the Park each year. I like to ride the Ferris wheel, and of course, the Queen. I like sitting on the state pier at sunset with a Nutty Bar.

Do not close the gate on me. We need to make Arnolds park handicapped accessible.

Anne R. Bonestroo