Letter to the Editor

Clean Water Act

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The vast majority of people living in Iowa have no idea about a bill, S. 787, that is in the House now in Washington and how, if passed, will forever change all of our lives.

S. 787 amends the federal Water Pollution Control Act better known as the Clean Water Act. Democratic Representative James L. Oberstar and 168 other democrats want to remove the term "navigable waters" and replace it with the term "waters of the United States." S. 787 completely obliterates any respect for private property rights by giving total control and unchecked regulation of all waters in the United States to the federal government. By removing the word "navigable" from the Clean Water Act, S. 787 will subject every landowner, business, county and city to obtain a permit to use their water subjecting everyone to unconstitutional regulations and discretionary jurisdictions of the Army Corps of Engineers or the Environmental Protection Agency bureaucrats. Farming operations in Iowa will never be the same.

I see this as another step by federal and state agencies toward the total elimination of all private landowners. Our government, through the conservation and Reinvestment Act (C.A.R.A.) makes $3.125 billion per year available to all 50 states for the elimination of all private landowners. What happened to the Democrats' promise of smaller, less intrusive government?

Merle Wilson