Letter to the Editor

Trash barrels needed

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

With the exception of the last 10 years, I am a lifelong resident of the "Lakes area." Each year when I come back to visit my family, I am amazed at the changes that have taken place, many good changes and some not.

Living now in Arizona I don't have a lot of opportunity to go fishing, so the other night my son and I made a visit to "Kabeles Bait Shop" and I bought a non-resident fishing license. Several days later, after the weather had settled, we decided to try our luck on the west shore of Center Lake. I was pleasantly surprised to find the road leading to the Lake was now paved and not a dirt road full of pot holes as it once was. However our delight was short-lived, for we found the shoreline littered with bottles, cans, paper wrappers, old fishing line, styrofoam pieces and many other unidentified objects.

I guess we could overlook the fact that the DNR had not mowed or attempted to clear weeds, because that gave the area a more natural look. When my son and I each picked-up an arm load of trash and looked for a trash receptacle, "GUESS WHAT," there was none to be found.

There is no excuse for the public using this wonderful area for recreation to be too lazy to pick up after themselves, just as there is no excuse for paid employees of the DNR not to provide a trash barrel or receptacle. Doing so many have eliminated a lot of the litter on the shoreline.

The care of public parks and lake accesses may tend to stretch the DNR employees too thin, as is often the excuse. If this is true, some organization needs to tap an unused resource of volunteers. Many retired folks are willing to provide their time and labor and need only to be asked.

Ben D. Saunders

Prescott, Ariz.