Letter to the Editor

Red Cross thanks

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On behalf of the Red Cross, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to all the dedicated donors who donated at the sites in Milford, Lake Park, and Spirit Lake. It is through your generosity and efforts that the Red Cross is able to continue in its mission to supply the much needed blood for individuals in need.

We wish to recognize two individuals from Lake Park for their accomplishments. Marie Mathiesen, who earned her 8 gallon pin, and Ardyce Reuter, who earned her 6 gallon pin. Congratulations!

We also wish to say thank you to all the volunteers and/or support persons who helped make this a successful drive. Each of you are so important in the efforts of the Red Cross in providing life saving blood.

Our next drive is coming up. Why not begin a new tradition and share your good HEALTH to those in need by donating your blood? Bring a friend!

Again, thank you to everyone!

Kathy Hesseltine, Milford

Betty Goodell, Lake Park

Bob Sneitzer and Vernice Wahl, Spirit Lake