Letter to the Editor

Celebrate Cancer Survivors Day -- and a World with More Birthdays

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This year, there are millions of reasons to celebrate on June 7. National Cancer Survivors Day, honored the first Sunday of June each year, is a time to celebrate the 11 million cancer survivors in America and 110,000 in Iowa who will celebrate another birthday this year.

The key to celebrating more birthdays is to stay well. The American Cancer Society saves lives by helping people everywhere take steps to prevent cancer or detect it early, when it is most treatable.

Many cancer survivors are alive today thanks to the American Cancer Society's work to help people get well. Whether it's the middle of the day or the middle of the night, the American Cancer Society is in your corner around the clock to guide you through every step of a cancer experience. They provide information to help make decisions, free services like transportation to and from cancer treatment, or a free place to stay while receiving treatment far from home.

The American Cancer Society has a long history of saving lives by helping find cures and causes of cancer. Through the discovery of medications that help people live longer, or pioneering and promoting the most promising cancer prevention or screening tests, the American Cancer Society has been involved in nearly every major cancer breakthrough in recent history.

Yet none of our progress against cancer would be possible without people like us fighting back in our community. The American Cancer Society is a grassroots force of 3 million individuals fighting for every birthday. Examples include passing smoke-free laws, increasing funding for cancer research, improving access to quality health care, or inspiring communities to take up the fight, the American Cancer Society fights back against cancer on all fronts.

Come out on July 11 to Preservation Plaza (The Green Space) in Arnolds Park for the 6th annual Relay For Life of Dickinson County. We will have the Resource Tent open at 3 p.m. to help anyone get answers to questions about cancer or how you can help in the fight

Every day, the American Cancer Society saves lives and creates more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. To find out more, call 1-800-227-2345 anytime, day or night, or visit cancer.org.


Di Lorenzen, Cancer Survivor

American Cancer Society volunteer, Relay for Life Chair