Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I appreciate your coverage of the unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage, issued on April 3, 2009. Thank you to Caroline Rusk for reporting "Dickinson County sees first gay marriage license application" and to Dickinson County News for publishing it as a cover story on April 29.

I'd like to take a moment not to correct but to clarify one item from the story. Gay and lesbian people suffer from clinical depression and contemplate suicide at a greater rate than the general population not because of any inherent inferiority. The depression comes from living as a homosexual or bisexual in a world based on heterosexual privilege, and from dealing with heterosexism and homophobia. For those who have not come out, depression also comes from the stress of living a lie, of pretending to be somebody you're not.

For readers who might like more information, I recommend Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, www.lambdalegal.org, the national organization most responsible for this historic change, and One Iowa, www.oneiowa.org, the statewide organization that worked closely with Lambda Legal. For more information on the local level, I recommend the Wilson Resource Center, www.wilsonresource.org, creating a rainbow community in and beyond the Iowa Great Lakes.


F. Joseph Wilson, Founding Director

Wilson Resource Center, Arnolds Park